Exceed Customer Expectations by Making It Easy and Sharing More!

Because we live in a time filled with options, understanding and catering to customers’ opinions on your products or services is a necessity. Learn ways you can help customers understand the value your company provides them so you improve your customer retention rates and grow your bottom line.

Utilize Current Technology

Utilizing current technology allows your customers multichannel options for accessing your business. When deciding whether to buy from you, many customers prefer the ease and comfort of viewing your products’ or services’ benefits through your company’s website and social media. Most of those same customers prefer utilizing your company’s website or social media for resolving issues; others prefer speaking directly with a customer service expert on the phone. The less effort customers put in when contacting your company, the more loyal they’ll be. Ensure you provide superior, low-effort service when resolving customers’ issues to increase customer loyalty and your company’s revenue.

Listen to Customers

In a polite and respectful matter, identify each customer’s needs by asking questions and uncovering the underlying issues. Make customers feel special by using their names, complimenting them, and treating them as individuals. Apologize for the problem and proactively work to understand and resolve each customer’s issue. Honor reasonable requests; otherwise negotiate solutions to the customer’s satisfaction. Follow through by doing what you say you’ll do. Enter notes into your customer relationship management (CRM) program so other customer service experts have knowledge of the situation and can assist if the customer calls in the future. Remember, customers don’t just buy products and services; they buy good feelings and solutions to their problems.

Give More Than Expected

Go above and beyond what your customers expect to elevate yourself above the competition. For example, when shipping products following a customer complaint, enclose a gift certificate for 10 percent off the customer’s next purchase as a way of thanking him for his loyalty. Because customers want to feel they’re getting the most value for their money, show your appreciation of them accordingly.

Get Regular Customer Feedback

Encourage customer feedback on methods for improving your products or services. Understand how you can better fill customers’ needs and take action accordingly. Become a one-stop shopping destination that saves your customers time and money. By providing goods or services your competition does not, and making available as many commodities as possible, you’ll increase your client retention rates and grow your bottom line.

Appropriate customer interaction is vital for expanding your business. Reach out to the friendly business process outsourcing experts at USA Staffing Services for all of your small business needs today!




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