Your New Hire Is Rough Around the Edges. How Can You Smooth That Out?

Hiring and training a new employee takes time and money. Learn some simple tips to help ease the new hire’s transition into your company and set a foundation for long-term success.

Introduce New Hire to Team Members

Introduce your new hire to everyone they’re likely to interact with. Help the new staff member learn colleagues’ job descriptions and how co-workers’ jobs impact theirs. Then introduce your new employee to team leaders, senior managers and key players in neighboring teams. Your new employee will get a clearer understanding of how their team works within your business and begin building relationships.

Assign a Mentor

A mentor helps immerse your new hire in team culture, ensuring your worker experiences the best aspects of the job and stays motivated during the work week. Ensure the mentor encourages your new worker to ask questions throughout the day and helps resolve any issues that may come up.

Assign New Employee Simple Tasks

Give your new worker smaller, engaging tasks so they’re not overwhelmed, but feel they’re contributing to your company. You can increase their responsibilities over the coming weeks so they stay engaged in their work and feel they’re contributing.

Show New Worker Others’ Jobs

Seeing tasks colleagues are performing helps your new hire appreciate their team’s responsibilities. If they show interest in another job, perhaps they’re a better fit for that role. Happy employees are more engaged and productive, so be flexible in assigning work responsibilities. You’ll benefit from improved output and greater employee retention.

Engage New Employee in Training

Ensure your new worker participates in work training courses, even those not directly benefitting their role. They will want to show their contributions to your company and improve their skills and experiences. You’ll increase employee retention and improve your bottom line through worker development.

Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Check in regularly with your new employee to ensure questions are answered and issues quickly resolved. Let your worker know you’ll meet at the same time each week so they’re prepared and feel important within your business. They’ll appreciate your taking the time to address their concerns and give feedback on their performance.

You invest a lot of time and money hiring new employees. Make the most of it by starting them off right. For additional help expanding your company, contact the trained experts at USA Staffing Services today! We will take care of the back office services while you hire the top talent for your company.


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