Why High-Touch Is Needed for Businesses

Situations will arise when customers aren’t completely satisfied with your company. Because it costs you less retaining customers than finding new ones, ensure you have an effective policy in place for responding to customer complaints.

Take Complaints Seriously

Respond to a customer complaint promptly, conveying that you take the issue seriously. Establish a system for handling and recording complaints using customer management software as part of your system. Ensure all employees use a similar approach when dealing with customers’ issues.

Calmly Acknowledge Concerns

Imagine how you’d feel in the customer’s place and show you understand where they’re coming from. They are most likely upset because things didn’t go as expected. Try getting your customer into a more agreeable state of mind before proceeding, then apologize for not meeting their expectations. Reflect on the matter with a helpful, objective approach to resolve the issue.

Ask Questions

Request clarification to gather as much information as you can about the issue. Take notes to ensure you understand all aspects of the customer’s concerns in detail. Ask how the customer would like the situation remedied. Follow through if reasonable, otherwise continue your dialog until finding a proper resolution.

Keep Records

Utilize your customer management software for recording customer complaints and finding areas needing improvement. For example, if 10 people in one month complained their order arrived late, you should focus more resources on delivery issues or reevaluate your policy.

Thank the Customer

Thank the customer for bringing their dissatisfaction to your attention. Follow up with a letter explaining how the feedback helped improve operations. Include a coupon or gift certificate to show your appreciation of the customer’s time.

Create Learning Opportunities

A dissatisfied customer is the most honest customer. If one customer experiences an issue, chances are many others are but may not tell you. Negative feedback shows where you can make improvements and better serve your customers. Turning around dissatisfied customers’ experiences enhances your referral rates and improves your bottom line.

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