You Aren’t Just Using the Resume to Make a Hiring Decision, Right?

Resumes don’t convey the real person behind the writing. You need to look for more effective methods of screening and hiring potential employees.

Resumes Are Out

If you’re still using resumes when screening candidates, you’re missing out on some of the best workers whose skills and experience don’t seem to be quite what you’re looking for. Saying what a worker can do is not the same as showing you their skills and abilities. It’s better to move beyond the resume into more useful methods of hiring employees.

Interviews Are Out

Interviews need phasing out as well. They favor candidates great at telling you about their skills and experience, which may or may not be completely true. When you ask a job seeker about a challenge they faced and how they solved the issue, you’ll hire the candidate telling the best story. Talking about work and actually doing the work are two different things. Sharing a story doesn’t make someone a good worker; doing the work does.

Actions Are In

A better suggestion is giving the candidate an assignment and seeing how he performs the work. It could be for an hour, a day, a week or a month. You can pay the job seeker for their time and see if they’re a good fit for your company by watching how they contribute.

Reputations Are In

Focus on feedback from others who’ve worked with your potential employee to see what their reputation is really like. For example, if you’re hiring a plumber, you don’t ask for a resume; you look on Angie’s List and read reviews by paying customers. You learn what kind of work was done and how well it was received. The same should apply to your potential hire. Get feedback from those who’ve worked with them before deciding whether to bring them on board.

Work Portfolios Are In

Recent college graduates should have a portfolio of work compensating for a lack of work history. Some universities offer credit to students taking on educational but practical projects as a way to earn money, get positive feedback from actual clients and build their work portfolios. You’re better off hiring a software engineer with 100 hours of paid coding work and meaningful feedback than a former intern of questionable quality.

Social Media Is In

Social networks offering service reviews are helpful in your hiring process. For example, Yelp highlights restaurant reviews, which is more valuable than trying a place and finding the service is lacking and the food is served cold. However, LinkedIn’s professional skill endorsements can be meaningless; just because someone clicks a button endorsing a skill doesn’t make it valid. A written recommendation on LinkedIn from someone you know is much more trustworthy.

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