Overcome the New Business “Startup” Perception

Starting a business often comes with a stigma of not being established enough to provide quality products or services. Fortunately, you can change potential clients’ perceptions of your company from the start.


Effective branding, or your promise to your client, gives you an edge in competitive markets. Your client will know what to expect from your products or services and how you’re different from competitors. Since your brand states who you are, who you want to be, and how people perceive you, you want to show you’re innovative, reliable, high quality, and high value. You’ll need a logo that stands out and shows your company’s mission, along with branding that shows what features and benefits your products or services have to offer. Consistent and strategic branding leads to strong brand equity and added value for your products or services. In time, you can charge more because of your company’s perceived quality.


Your digital profile is often the first impression on a potential client. You have a few seconds to win someone’s limited time and attention. If clients scan your site and don’t see what they’re looking for, they’ll go to your competitors’ sites. Be sure you focus on your logo, colors, aesthetics, and imagery that grab attention and effectively match your brand. Present your strengths and differences clearly and concisely. Show you understand how your competitors are positioned and how you fill the gaps. Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages use the same logo, imagery, and messaging as your website. Potential clients often jump among profiles, so you want a consistent presentation to make a bigger impact and have the client call you. It’s important you ask an outsider to view your website and tell you what impressions they take away and questions they have about your business. This will help you understand what potential clients see when visiting your website for the first time. Since over half your clients make buying decisions before calling you directly, your website matters immensely.


Your marketing materials need to give clients a reason to believe in you. Ensure your logo, brand messaging, color scheme, and graphics are consistent with your website.  Create a “voice” and a memorable tagline that reflect your brand and use them in all written materials. Educate potential clients before buying by including clear explanations and client testimonials about what products or services you provide. Focus on benefits clients will enjoy and competitors don’t offer.

You don’t have to let the stigma of starting a new business adversely affect how new clients perceive your products and services. If you need help handling your back office services to concentrate on growing your business, contact USA Staffing Services today.


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