Walk the Walk to Become an Effective Leader

Leading your work team to reach company goals can be a challenging task. Follow these guidelines so you’ll develop into someone others want to follow and they’ll respond accordingly.

Understand Teammates’ Motivations

Find out what your team wants from you to effectively perform their job duties by listening to their work-related needs and concerns. You’ll discover what motivates your colleagues to fulfill assignments in a quality and timely manner, which will help ensure your business goals are met. Remember to be flexible when dealing with different personalities; some may need more help, while others crave independence. Be sure you encourage personal growth through motivational reading and business networking events that match your colleagues’ interests. By providing the necessary tools to complete work tasks, your co-workers will know you care about them and have their best interests in mind, causing them to work harder and be more productive.

Focus on Shared Goals

When building teams, ensure you discuss the values, principles, and behaviors expected of your group. Encourage honesty, openness, punctuality, respect, and responsibility for completing quality work in a timely manner. Make sure your colleagues are clear on what they’re expected to accomplish. Let each member give input as to how to best achieve objectives. Hold regular staff meetings so everyone can talk about their progress and share insights on team performance. Workers who are involved in the organization and held accountable for their actions strive more to reach peak performance with optimum output.

Lead by Example

Make it clear you are taking charge of your team. Set the bar high. Inspire and motivate your colleagues to be their best on the job without micromanaging. Be respectful at all times so your workers know you have their backs. Follow through on what you say you’ll do. Show positive emotions. Be decisive so your team gains strong decision-making skills. Ensure your members are being challenged and growing. Admit when you don’t have an answer and ask your colleagues to find one. Evaluate whether your team is making effective progress toward your objectives and make necessary adjustments. Remember everyone is watching you, so exhibit productive habits and leadership skills at all times. Produce at the level you expect of your colleagues.

Leadership is truly a team effort. Let USA Staffing Services join your team by outsourcing your business needs today.



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