You Lost a Customer. What Can You Learn from It?

Due to expensive marketing and sales calls, it costs less to retain a client than gain a new one. Even though current clients may lapse in utilizing your staffing services, there are ways to win them back.

Target Clients

Focusing on recency, frequency and monetary analysis is one method of targeting your client base. Breaking down clients into groups based on time since they last used your services, average length between using your services and dollar value spent is one method. It’s important to keep your top clients in terms of revenue, but it’s also imperative to maintain the clients who bring a smaller amount of revenue. Losing a number of those clients will hurt as much as losing a top client. You can use this information to create campaigns for greatly lapsed users and for those waiting slightly longer than usual to utilize your services again.

Offer Deals

Because everyone enjoys getting a bargain, you may try personalizing deals to each client’s purchase history. A one-time discount in dollars, which is more effective than a percentage, may help remind lapsed clients why they previously chose your staffing services. Be persistent in sending your emails, as clients typically don’t answer the first one. Keep trying until you get a response.

Respond To Complaints

Since poor customer service often drives away business, deal with complaints immediately. Make sure each client’s issues are listened to, clearly understood, and resolved to his satisfaction to ensure repeat business. People understand when mistakes happen, and you can earn a lot of respect by atoning for those mistakes quickly and doing everything you can to avoid them in the future. Utilize targeted surveys to find out whether other clients have been experiencing similar issues but not saying anything about it. You can’t stay on top of the competition and have repeat customers if you aren’t providing excellent customer service to each of your clients.

Continue Testing

Rigorously testing reengagement campaigns helps you figure out what works best for your business. Target different methods on different groups to find out what’s most effective. Vary your subject lines, deals, and win-back emails to discover your highest open and conversion rates. Your business is unlike any other, and the only way to understand your clients’ behavior is by continual testing. It will take a lot of time but will be worth it in increased sales.

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