The Importance of Building a Repeatable Sales Process

As an entrepreneur, you need to manage your sales team and make sure everyone is following the same process when finding and retaining clients. Follow these guidelines to ensure your company is able to prosper.

Remove Nonperformers

Sales skills are necessary to negotiate deals, overcome objections and reach compromises so your business grows. Salespeople who don’t utilize these skills lower their team’s performance standard and group averages, making team members work harder to meet sales quotas. To reduce this issue, monitor each new hire’s selling skills, provide training when needed and move them to another position if warranted.

Don’t Promote Top Salespeople

Moving from salesperson to sales manager means a completely different job rather than a promotion. Sales managers must hire, onboard, coach, manage and compensate their team – skills that aren’t taught to most salespeople. Losing your top salesperson and the revenue he brought in puts that person in a less successful position, reduces training for the replacement salespeople, and drops your bottom line. Instead, increase your sales team’s income while raising recognition levels, and hire managers who can manage and coach.

Control Sales & Marketing Costs

Recognizing costs created to increase your company’s income is vital to knowing how much profit you actually make. Eliminate activities that don’t noticeably increase sales. Ask for client feedback through surveys to determine overall opinions of your services. Ask employees what types of services clients have inquired about that you don’t offer yet. Overall, hold your marketing team accountable for their expenses.

Build Repeatable Sales Process

Your sales team needs to be focused on high client satisfaction more than your bottom line. Learning how your clients decide to purchase services is part of setting your sales process. Weekly sales team meetings are required to ensure income goals are met and the sales team is held accountable for delivering results. Issues can then be discussed and worked out. Creating a sales process that shows stages buyers pass through and provides guidance on helping buyers move through those stages ensures salespeople follow a proven process to turn leads into sales and increase your company’s revenue.

Keep Compensation Consistent

Ensure you keep compensation plans simple with few performance factors. Make sure appropriate sales goals and pay measurement factors are clearly defined and understood. Salespeople will typically agree with their overall payments, and your payout won’t exceed the money being brought in by each rep. If sales priorities change, make the changes gradually and involve your team in determining incentives to drive their desired output. Set personal improvement goals for reps as well, so they can move toward their full potential and increase your bottom line.

Building a systematic sales process will help ensure your company expands. For more help with expanding your staffing company, contact USA Staffing Services today! We are a nationwide leader in back office support services and can leave you and your recruiters focused on expanding your core business.


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