Who Wants to Work 80 Hours a Week? USA Staffing Services Can Help

Starting and running a staffing company can be difficult and time-consuming. Let USA Staffing Services help with your essential background (Back Office) services while you develop your client and candidate base and drive the sales for your business.

Back Office Management

Stressful back office services that don’t generate money consume a lot of your valuable time. Payroll Processing, human resources, and compliance take you away from clients, candidates, marketing, strategic planning, and other main business activities. Outsourcing these services frees up time to grow your company and increase your bottom line.

USA Staffing Services is your answer to managing back office services. We maintain employer-of-record, provide all digital and paper forms for employee onboarding, and enroll workers in direct deposit or pay/debit card. We use E-verify to perform I-9 processing, process drug and background screens, and process weekly time cards. In addition, USA Staffing Services processes and administers complete payroll, pays payroll taxes to each state, creates electronic invoices based on employee timecards, and provides an online employee portal for viewing pay stubs and payroll history. We also manage all HR and payroll issues, ACA compliance, unemployment claims, and child support or garnishment issues.

Accounts Receivable

As a startup, cash flow is probably tight. You don’t have 30 to 60 days to wait for invoice payments. Without cash flow you can’t pay for inventory, add employees, expand your operations, or cover other business expenses.

USA Staffing Services can provide you with immediate cash flow by managing your accounts receivable and advancing you the profit prior to the invoice being paid by the client. We supply you with client contracts, create invoices and send them to your clients weekly, and give you a dedicated AR specialist who creates reports on a weekly basis on your behalf. We also take care of your AR and collections, provide weekly aging reports showing client invoices and open balances, and receive and process payments from your clients.

Financial Reporting

Consistently making educated predictions and evaluations on your company’s growth shows you’re making a profit and paying off your debt. Because this demonstrates where you are financially compared to competitors and makes you more attractive to investors and lenders, accurate and timely financial reporting is vital to your company’s growth. Outsourcing this process alleviates the stress and inconvenience of having to perform the work yourself.

USA Staffing Services fills all your financial reporting needs. We provide an hourly profit quote for each temp or contract assignment, customized financial reports to reflect each individual Authorized Dealer, and weekly, quarterly, and yearly profit summary reports. We supply weekly aging reports showing client invoices and open balances, a tracking report of employees’ hours, and simplify your corporate tax filing by having your gross reports created and available.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to develop your client base, keep your candidates happy, and increase your revenue. Let us help you become more efficient with our back office solutions. Contact USA Staffing Services for more information today!


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