2016 Minimum Wage

2016 Minimum Wage Rates and Planning for 2016




It’s that time of year when it is crunch time preparing for the next year.  As always we are busy updating employee on-boarding forms, renewing contracts, payroll estimates for worker’s comp insurance, liability insurance, budgets and not to mention the dreaded ACA requirements and compliance for 2016.  All of these on top of the related year end reporting, employee W2’s and so on.  The plates get quite full and overwhelming at his time of year.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all and be sure you are starting the year compliant on all levels.

One thing we need to know is if there is a change on your active states Minimum Wage Rates, especially if you have active employees in multiple states.

The below chart shows the Minimum Wage Rates for 2016 or you can download a PDF version via this link.


2016 State Minimum Wage Chart

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