Whether you are an independent recruiter or entrepreneur looking to start your own staffing operation or an established staffing firm looking to expand your current book or offer contract staffing services, USA Staffing Services provides the support you need to start your success today.

What does USA Staffing Services provide?

  • – Employer of Record Service

    – Digital Employee Onboarding

    – Background and Drug Screen Processing

    – Online Employee Portal & Online Time Entry

    – Customer Onboarding & Accounts Payable Contact

    – Weekly Invoice Creation and Submittal

    – Full Liability and Worker’s Comp Insurance Coverage

    – Complete Payroll, Taxes and Garnishment Processing

    – Credit Review and Risk Rating for all Customers

    – Resource Portal with all Necessary Operating Forms

    – Customer Forms & Agreements for all Assignment Types

    – Guidance on the Proper Staffing Processes & Procedures

    – Employee Benefit Programs: Health Insurance, PTO & 401K

– Dedicated Account Manager

– Payroll Processing Specialists

– Accounts Receivable Management Team

– Human Resource Management

– Customer & Client Relations

– Employment Law Counsel

– Employment Compliance Manager

– Management of ACA Compliance

– Bid and Proposal Assistance

– Quote Summaries for Profit Calculation

– Management of any Workers’ Comp Claims

– Customer Contract Reviews

– National Workers’ Comp Coverage

– Registered Employer of Record in Any State

– National General & Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

– Ability to Place Most Any Worker’s Comp Code in All 50 States

– Payroll Funding

– Assigned Customer Credit Limits

– Payment of Payroll Taxes and Garnishments

– Payment of Your Weekly Profits In Advance*

– Management of all Invoices and Receivables

– Customer Payment Processing

What are the Benefits of adding Contract Staffing Services?

1) REOCCURRING REVENUE – You receive weekly profits and the revenues continue for as long as the assignment does.

2) BECOME A FULL SERVICE STAFFING PROVIDER – Don’t refer your current customers to would be competitors, when you can accommodate all of their staffing needs – Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire.

3) ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS – As a Full Service Staffing Supplier, you increase your marketability to be of service to a wider customer base.

4) ENHANCE YOUR COMPANY’S VALUE – Increase your bottom line with Permanent and Reoccurring revenues coming in, as a result your company’s value will increase.

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