Increase Capabilities. Win More Contracts.

Spend your time winning bids, not managing your back office. USA Staffing Services, one of the top back office outsourcing companies nationwide, offers scalable solutions and a PEO alternative for government contractors.

Outsource your HR department to USA Staffing Services, LLC, a provider of Employer of Record services and back office solutions for contractors. We take care of the administrative details that keep you fully compliant with all legal employer obligations:

  • Scale your workforce to meet any contract demand
  • Win larger contracts with back office support for funding, payroll and workers’ comp coverage
  • Expand your bid services to surrounding states without worrying about workers’ comp and registration requirements
  • Get the payroll funding and administrative support you need to expand your contract eligibility

Need Funding or Logistics to
Grow Your Business?

Simplify Your Process with USA Staffing Services


Choose from scalable options for government contractors, including complete back office services, Employer of Record, workers’ compensation responsibility, payroll funding and administration with accounts receivable, and payroll administration only. We’re a PEO and Funding alternative helping government contracting firms get off the ground and focus on what matters most.

Learn more about our scalable business process outsourcing (BPO) services for government contractors looking for payroll funding companies.