Why Should You Let Another Company Be the Employer of Record?

As a small business owner, you need to focus on your core business as much as possible to help it grow. However, owning a business also involves HR duties, payroll, compliance and other demands that must be met. Therefore, you need the right team in place to handle all of your back-office responsibilities. Here are five reasons why you should let another company be your employer of record.

Provide Employee Benefits

Working with an employer of record helps provide your employees with quality benefits. For example, you can provide health and other insurance, a retirement plan and other benefits that otherwise may be too costly for your company. Providing quality benefits helps you attract and retain quality employees.

Access Current Technology

Partnering with an employer of record provides you access to the latest technology. You gain efficiency while having your back-office tasks effectively completed.

Control Costs

Utilizing an employer of record can help control costs. For example, rather than paying for expensive office space, staff and overhead, you pay only for services used. Also, because the employer of record can provide insurance and other benefits at a lower cost, you free up capital to use in other areas. In addition, because you have compliance support, your company may pay less in legal fees and fines.

Remain Compliant

Compliance experts stay current on changes to employment and labor laws so you face reduced liability in case an issue arises. As a result, smaller issues typically avoid becoming larger issues.

Focus on Core Business

Partnering with an employer of record lets you focus on your core business. If you don’t have the necessary training in HR, payroll and accounting, regulatory compliance, risk management, insurance or employee benefits programs, work in those areas is better left to the experts.

Partner With USA Staffing Services

When you partner with USA Staffing Services as your employer of record, we take away many of the headaches of being an employer. We can assume your HR, payroll, compliance and other back-office tasks so you can reduce your administrative burdens and employment liabilities. You free up time to focus on growing your business. Get in touch with USA Staffing Services today!


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