Eliminate These Excuses and Watch Your Productivity Increase

As human beings, we’re prone to making excuses. However, as a small business owner, you can’t make excuses and be productive at the same time. Here are a few suggestions for eliminating excuses from your life and increasing your productivity.

I’m Scared

Although it’s normal to be scared when starting a business, you have to get over your fear and be productive so your company grows. Whether you’re scared of failure, embarrassment, success, change, uncertainty or making mistakes, you need to have a positive attitude. Learn to work through your fear by taking steps to reach your goals. For example, educate yourself on every aspect of your business. Set aside the time and secure the resources you need to grow your company. Surround yourself with experts in areas you don’t excel in so professionals may handle those responsibilities. Talk with other small business owners to gain insight and perspective on running your company. Learn from your mistakes so you can improve future results. Overcome obstacles as they arise to build a foundation of perseverance.

I Can’t Do This

Starting something new is challenging, but not impossible. If you believe you’re unprepared for building your business, secure a business coach, consultant, mentor or other expert who may share their years of experience and help guide you in running your company. Talk with local small business owners to gain tips on being successful. Participate in seminars and professional groups for small business owners so you may network and gain insight into building your company. Read books, magazines and articles about running a small business to learn best practices and stay current in your industry.

I Don’t Want to Do This  

Every task list includes completing tasks you don’t want to do. That could be with your business or in your personal life. However, completely ignoring tasks you or your business can accomplish won’t result in anything positive. Determine the best process for finishing those tasks. Whether it’s taking on the project by yourself, delegating internally or finding an outside vendor, consider the time and resources necessary for each choice and make the best decision for your organization.

Find Reasons to Accomplish Tasks

Excuses will prevent you from developing your business. Eliminating them helps you learn new skills, develop your talents, and participating in activities that add value to your life. You become more proactive and creative and make better decisions. This gives you more self-confidence to participate in bigger opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Work With a Leader in Back Office Solutions

Eliminate excuses and watch your productivity increase. For further help growing your company, reach out to the back office solution professionals at USA Staffing Services!




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